3 Tips For Helping Your Loved One Live At Home With Dementia

When an individual becomes ill with dementia, it can become increasingly difficult to perform regular daily activities. For those suffering with dementia, it can seem like a huge chore to simply get dressed in the morning if the activity isn't made a bit simpler for them. So, if you are trying to help a loved one deal with their new life, here are a few tips that may make things easier on both you and them: [Read More]

Becoming A Part Of A New Assisted Living Center

Moving to a new retirement community is like relocating to a different neighborhood. There are new people to meet and a new culture with which to become familiar. Here are a few ways that you can take an active role in becoming a new and vital member in your new neighborhood.   Seek Out Classes and Group Activities   Most facilities offer a variety of activities that draw different segments of the community. [Read More]

Physical Therapy Can Help You Recover From A Fall

A fall can be a serious event for any person. However, for an elderly person, the effects of a fall can be critical, leaving them with serious injuries. If you have recently been injured in a fall, physical therapy can help heal your injuries and assist you with moving forward with your life. Plus, you can make a few changes around your home to reduce the likelihood of falling there again. [Read More]

3 Ways To Beat Loneliness In Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living placement is often necessary when seniors are no longer able to live independently. Many times, this means leaving the homes they lived in for decades, and leaving their familiar neighborhoods and friends. Having to relocate to a facility may lead to anxiety, isolation, and loneliness. Here are three things you can do for your loved one to help avert loneliness in an assisted living facility: Bring Pets For A Visit [Read More]